Maintenance Wash


All vehicles are properly washed with:

Paint is covered in thick soap foam to eliminate chance of paint scratching and marring

Paint is dried using and electric blower

Finish exterior with a strong layer of synthetic spray wax

Interior vacuum and surface wipe-down

Wheels and tires are degreased and finished with a non-greasy tire shine


Full Exterior & Interior Detail



Interior Detail

Deep vacuum of all carpets, seats, panels, etc

Steam clean and shampoo carpets, seats, and panels to remove dirt, stains, and sanitize to kill bacteria

Condition, moisturize, and protect leather seats and surfaces

All interior plastic and vinyl surfaces are glossed and protected

Exterior Detail

Two deep exterior washes to fully remove all dirt and debris

Clay bar the paint to remove decontamination and roughness on paint surfaces

Wax sealant to improve paint gloss and provide protection

Tires and exterior plastics are glossed and protected


Polish & Paint Correction


Paint correction & polishing is the restoration of gloss of your car's paint by removing oxidation, light scratches, marring, and to bring back the gloss and shine to your car

A few different options include:

All in One polish (Most popular) 

A light polish & wax that most customers love to see the results it brings, especially for the price point. To the common eye, the paint will noticeably pop and shine more than the other cars on the road.

One Step Polish (Removes 50-85% of paint defects)

A more serious polish service that most car enthusiasts prefer because of the higher level of correction done to the paint. To the common eye, the car will definitely standout from the other vehicles on the road. Also includes application of wax sealant.

Multi Step Polish (Removes 90-99% of paint defects)

A service typically recommended for high-end vehicles and extremely serious car enthusiasts. This service brings the paint to even better than show room level. This includes application of wax sealant.



3-5 year paint ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is the newest innovation in car care products. When it comes to protection, this is the top of the line in gloss, reflection, & protection To make it simple, think of it like a “super” wax. It has an extremely high level of gloss and protection. Highly effective at preventing water spots, bird poop etching, etc. If you are looking for the greatest level of shine and protection, this is it. An in person estimate is needed to indicate paint condition and steps needed to properly prep the paint for the coating. Call now for further information