Note: Detail prices may be lower or higher depending on condition once seen in person


Snowfoam Wash: Starts at 35$


Exterior wash

Interior vacuum & surface wipe down

Wheels and tires degreased and given tire dressing

Spray wax included to provide shine and protection

Claybar Service and Wax : 80-110$


Full exterior wash and interior service

Claybar service to remove and decontaminate paint and glass surfaces

Synthetic wax sealant protecting and giving the paint shine for up to 6 months


Interior Refinement : starts at 115$


Interior and exterior wash with spray wax

Cloth surfaces are shampoo'd and steam clean sanitized

Steam sanitize all vents, cupholders, door panels, steering wheel, etc.

Leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces are steam cleaned and sanitized

Complete Restoration: Starts at 180$


Full service wash

Exterior clay bar and synthetic wax sealant upgraded from 6 months to 1 year

Interior refinement detail


1 Step Paint Correction-Starts at $225

Removes between 70-85% of paint defects depending on paint hardness and

Car is polished using an all in one polish that contains a polish, compound, and wax all in one product. The picture to the left is an example of paint correction. Most scratches come from improper washing techniques most commonly seen with most customers and at drive through car washes. Polishing lightly removes levels of damaged clear coat.This "removes" most swirl marks, oxidation in the clear coat, and brings back gloss to the paint. This is the perfect solution for a daily driver vehicle





Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction

Vehicle inspection needed before quote can be given

Ceramic coating is simply put, a car wax put on steroids. A ceramic coating provides the same gloss and protection as a wax but instead of a 3-6 month durability, a ceramic coating lasts between 3-5 years depending how the car is maintained.


Additional Services Offered

-Headlight Restoration




-Engine bay detail